How it works

Welcome to the Mimi Hearing Test prototype with Mouse

In this test, you control the sliders with your mouse. You have already done this hearing test in our previous study so you may be familiar with it.

  • Hold the slider button down with your mouse to play the sounds.
  • If you move the slider you can change the volume of the beeping tone.
  • Be mindful that the beeping tone can get quite loud, so move the slider slowly.
  • With the toggle button you can switch the noise on and off to better hear the beeping tone in this example.
  • Please ensure that the speakers are in front of you and not to one side.
  • Please do not change your system volume.

Beeping pure tone (4 kHz)

This is the sound you should focus on during the following test. Use the slider to adjust its loudness.

Background noise

In the following test, the background noise will always be there and its volume doesn't change. Here you can toggle it off to listen to the beeping tone by itself.